HotelMize is one of the fastest-growing Travel Tech companies in Israel. The company applies big-data and AI to price and profit optimization in the hotel booking industry, which enhances hotel resellers' profit by 30%-50%.

Plataine is the leading provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based optimization solutions for advanced manufacturing, founded by Professor Moshe Ben Bassat, Founder of ClickSoftware acquired by Salesforce for $1.35 billion in August 2019.

Interactbot’s platform bridges the gap between businesses and artificial intelligence. Interactbot is built for large enterprises and is able to integrate seamlessly with your current enterprise

Coognitive platform bridges the gap between artificial intelligence and business. They created a set of tools to help simplify the AI disruptive technology adoption by enterprise.

ePlane is a free end-to-end sourcing solution for the aviation industry, connecting buyers, sellers & MROs from across the world. ePlane's user-friendly platform enables you to buy, repair, loan, and exchange aircraft parts – all in one place.

Elrond is a complete rethinking of public blockchain architecture, specially designed to bring a 1000x overall improvement by being scalable, efficient and secure while maintaining a sufficiently decentralized setting.

2key’s blockchain technology creates groundbreaking links that track and record every person who interacts with them. Use these links to build innovative referral campaigns that reward every person in a referral chain.

BEAM is a next-generation confidential cryptocurrency based on an elegant and innovative Mimblewimble protocol.

Apester bridges the gap between consumers’ expectations of digital media and the ability of publishers and brands to meet those demands.

Pliops is creating a new category of product that enables cloud and enterprise data centers to access data up to 50X faster with 1/10th of the computational load and power consumption.